The Ocala Equine Hospital & Ocala Horse Properties Welcomes Courtney Varney

We would like to both introduce and welcome Dr. Courtney Varney, our friend and excellent equine veterinarian to Ocala!

Dr. Varney was recently hired by Ocala Equine Hospital which traditionally works with racing thoroughbreds.  Her position in this practice will focus on the competitive sport horse, specifically Eventers, Jumpers and Dressage Horses.

What we like about Dr. Varney is she brings an extremely rare perspective as a vetrinarian as she is also an accomplished FEI dressage rider and competitor only 2 scores away from a USDF gold medal.

We love that she offers a unique riders perspective to each evaluation. Take it from us, Dr. Varney is a special veterinarian and is also here in Ocala year-round!  Call her for any of your in-season or off-season needs!

Dr. Courtney Varney

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